How To Treat Skin Redness and Sensitivity

Skin sensitivity is a problem that many people have to deal with and it can be an embarrassing and painful problem.  Rosacea-like redness is very common and thankfully there are treatments from Murad skincare that can help to treat and prevent these conditions.

If you are constantly having to watch what you put on your skin whether it's cosmetics of skin care products, you have probably experienced a lot of trial and error.  The problem is that there are many skincare ranges on the market today which claim to be ultra-kind to sensitive skin, but which still contain ingredients that can aggravate the condition.

You Don't Have to Suffer from Embarrassing Red Skin

Treatments such as Murad Redness Therapy provide skin with gentle agents that help to cool, calm and soothe the skin and keep sensitivity problems at bay.  It can be really hard to soothe red, itchy and sore skin when it occurs, but Murad seem to have the answer.  Their natural and skin-friendly products are gentle yet effective and offer a range of therapies for different skin types.

The great thing about Murad products is that they offer complete solutions in kit form that can help to cure and prevent a wide range of skin conditions.  The Redness Therapy Regime is no exception and contains a number of effective ingredients that help to stabilise redness and soothe sensitive skin.

The Many Benefits of Murad Redness Therapy - Take Control

There are many benefits to using Murad Redness Therapy, but the primary advantages include its ability to alleviate tightness and stinging and to treat the breakout of redness and sensitivity. It's really important that you try a patch test on your skin before trying out any new product even those with the gentle actions of Murad therapies.  A good place to patch test is on the back of your neck or behind your ear.

The 3-step Redness Therapy Regime includes a soothing gel cleanser, a recovery treatment gel and a correcting moisturiser.  Each product has been designed to calm and soothe the problems associated with sensitive skin and to leave skin feeling smooth, balanced and moisturised.

The Soothing Cleansing Gel helps to reduce irritation and redness whilst it gently washes away impurities.  If  you have experienced problems with other gel cleansers, give this one a try.

The Recovery Treatment Gel contains Peppermint Extract and Azelaic Acid which can help to recondition skin to help keep it comfortable and soothed all day.  The Goji Berry Extract helps skin to gain strength that it needs to battle against sensitivity and redness.

The Correcting Moisturiser, the last part of the kit, offers SPF15 protection including protection against UVA and UVB rays.  Liquorice Extract helps to calm the skin, reduce inflammation and soothe problem areas whilst the colour corrector in this formula helps to minimise redness and balance skin tone.

If you are embarrassed about red and itchy skin, Murad has the answers.  Their skincare range has been designed to cater for a wide range of skin types and problems whilst delivering effective results through natural products and ingredients.

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