How to Keep Skin Nourished and Radiant

If you're a regular visitor to a beauty salon in Glasgow then you'll be benefiting from all the latest products and techniques that will help to keep your skin in top condition. However, there are many good skincare habits you can form at home that will help to maintain that smooth and elegant appearance between your trips.

It's tempting to ignore just how important diet is in the overall process and a healthy, balanced nutritional plan can be your most powerful ally in keeping your body looking its best. Water is especially important as it bathes your skin cells and cleanses your entire system and many of us just aren't getting enough of it in our daily routine.

It's recommended that we drink at least 1.2litres of fluid every day which equates to around 6 average glasses of water. For many, drinking water on its own can be a dull process so remember that tea, coffee and fruit juice can all help towards your daily intake. Making a small investment by buying a water filter is another useful way of getting purer water into your system, helping you hydrate more quickly which will help your overall skincare programme.

Fibre is another element that is vital for great looking skin but this is another food group where many of us simply aren't getting enough. Daily guidelines vary depending on your age but for women aged between 19 and 50, it's recommended that 25 grams of fibre is included in your everyday routine.

Remember that by increasing your daily intake of water and fibre, you are giving yourself some great all-round health boosts on so many levels but the fact that there are excellent benefits when it comes to skincare gives you that added bonus.

At the risk of sounding obvious, lack of exercise is another important factor that can leave us tired and sluggish on the inside while looking fatigued in our appearance. If you have a sedentary job that leaves you sitting at a desk all day then it is understandably hard to fit in an exercise routine but for the sake of your body it's important to try to introduce some form of activity.

Just by getting out for half an hour and taking a brisk walk you can fight back against the damage that inactivity can cause so try to make time to get a regular routine on board - no matter how brief it may be.

A regular appointment with your local beauty salon in Glasgow can keep your skin looking great but throughout your everyday life there are many tips for great skincare routines. Remember to follow them and combined with those salon visits you can maintain that healthy glow and smooth appearance throughout the year.

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