08 May 2017

At spa in the city we decided to go with DERMAPLANE PRO for our training and supplier as we wanted to ensure we were using the best quality blades on our clients and dermaplane pro has proved to be one of the best. We offer a standard treatment at £55.00 and a luxurious dermaplane for £70.00, our luxury treatment is 90mins and provides clients with a real prescriptive treatment begining with a dermaplane treatment to gently scrape dead skin cells and vellus hair from the face then using a enzyme peel to shed all the impurities from the skin and following with a Murad power mask or LED treatment to maximise results with high anti ageing properties then finishing with a gentle massage and spf. (A real red carpet facial treatment!)

Aftercare is important you must wear a spf to protect the skin as you will be more sensitive to uva rays,(everyone should wear spf regardless of having a dermaplane or not, your older self will be happy you did!) you must avoid heat treatments such as sauna, steam and sunbeds for 48hrs afterwards your treatment. It is normal for the skin to feel slightly sensitive for the first 24hrs after your treatment.

The result- Healthy, glowing fresh skin :)

Future treatments are recomended every 4 weeks for maintaining the result of glowing skin. If you are investing in your skin and using good skincare a dermaplane treatment every season with be adequate and give you lasting benefits. Having worked with skin for 18 years my advice is to always get at least 4 professional skin treatments per year, just as the seasons change so does your skin.

I look forward to welcoming you to spa in the city for this skincare treatment. If you would like a complimentary consultation, get in touch.

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