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Spa Gift Ideas

Anti-ageing skincare products

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

In this blog we explore the benefits of anti ageing skin care products and what key ingredients really work.

The beauty market is saturated with anti-ageing creams, serums and moisturisers. Every new product claiming to be the best, it can make the poor consumer dizzy when they step in to a department store or pick up a glossy mag.

Anti-ageing products promise to soften lines & wrinkles inturn leaving the skin more youthful. Our advice is ask about ingredients and studys carried out on the product when talking to the skin care consultant. Products that are result driven must contain active ingredients such as glycolic acid, retional, AHAs/BHAs and pepticides. These active ingredients penetrate down to the deep layers of the skin to deeply nourish, boost hydration or deeply exfoliate leaving the appearence of the skin more youthful skin.

Another key bit of advice is before investing in skin care invest first in a professional facial treatment with a qualified professional suppose to taking advice from a department skin care specialist as the difference in training and knowledge is night and day. Beauty Therapists have a minimum of 2 years college gained qualification suppose to a 3 day training course like most skincare consultants. A beauty therapist has the deeper knowledge of the anatamoy of the skin and a wealth of experience working with different skin types and concerns.

My personal recommendation for anti-ageing skin care is Murad products, clinically proven facials and skincare combining the most advanced ingredients with the latest skincare technology. Dr Murad is the creator behing Murad products and is a leading dermatologist and pharmicist.

To view more on this transforming skin care visit the link below

Book your complimentry consultation with one of spa in the city qualified beauty therapists and find out the benefits of professional treatments today.


We are pleased to announce we are introducing Microdermabrasion to our treatment menu this month, in this blog we explore the benefits of microdermabrasion.

Basically Microdermabrasion is an intense exfoliation which removes the outer layer of dead skin cells within the stratum corneum (the top layer of our skin) thus leaves the skin softer, smoother, more radiant and stimulates collagen renewal. It also allows products to penetrate deeper in to the skin levels. Treatment takes between 30 and 50minutes depending on area being treated and is painfree and suitable for most skin types including sensitive but particular good for sun damaged, ageing, acne scaring or stretch marked skin.

There are two different types of microdermabrasion on the market crystal and diamond the main differences are crystal technology is a hand-held device that propels a high-speed flow of aluminum oxide crystals directly onto the stratum corneum. At the same time, the machine has a vacum that sucks away dead cells and used crystals. The diamond microdermabrasion, replaces the micro-crystal flow with a diamond tip wand. Smaller areas such as the eyes and mouth can be worked on more accurately and there is no risk of stray crystals causing damage or being swallowed. Both diamond and crystal microdermabrasion give the same results.

At Spa in the City we use the diamond technique. To launch this new treatment we are offering two selected dates were you can try the treatment with one of our skin care experts for less than half price...only £20.00. Dates available are Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November.

To reserve your appointment call the spa direct on 0141 221 5230 or email info@spainthecity.co.uk



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Spa in the city facial offer only for Daily Mail readers. Half price facials during the month of october monday - thursday only. Get your voucher in the scottish daily mail.

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